Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Update 4 1 2015

I've been riding Patriot Guard Missions so I have been getting my Wind Therapy Treatments on a regular basis it seems. Now I need to find me a more comfy seat for The Mistress. It is not the first part of the run going to the Missions that gets me it is that second part coming If you require more Wind Therapy Treatments than your normal recommended Treatments just join up with the PGR and you will get all of the Wind Therapy Treatments you will ever need. Anybody can join.

**On a side note: The Mistress is running great. Over 1,300 Miles on the all new chassis and over 1,285 miles on the new rebuilt 1965 T120R Unit that is her heart and out in the flat lands I'm getting about 45 MPG.

Be safe, ride safe, keep the shiny side down, respect all who ride and Much Love Honor and Respect.

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